MightyWatt 2.4

New features and improvements in version 2.4

MightyWatt electronic load is constantly evolving. Version 2.4 comes with a LED that will indicate the passage of current through the load. Or anything else, because its behaviour is defined (and re-defined) in the firmware. MightyWatt used to have LED indicating overheating in the early versions. Because the unit never overheated during operation in the specified range, the LED has been removed. Now it's back and can be used for any purpose.

There are two new capacitors forming a low-pass filter on the current and voltage measurement circuits. This can increase the stability of the load in certain situations but the capacitors should be populated only when you experience instability.

The terminal block can be made in pluggable version with 20A maximum current. This is not really a change because the PCB stays the same. If you're going to use this version, make sure you have the terminal without the side walls so it fits without problems.

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