SAM4S development board

SAM4S development board

There is a ton of development boards on the internet and I'd like to share my own. This time it's for Cortex-M4 from Atmel, the ATSAM4S in 0.5mm pitch 64-pin LQFP. The board is also good for any pin-compatible processor, such as SAM3S. I use ATSAM4S8B-AU, a 120MHz processor with DSP functions, 512 kB Flash and 128 kB RAM.

The board is not the smallest or cheapest one but it has been proved to work (it's revision 3.0 after all) and has all the necessary stuff without useless BS. It is programmed via JTAG or (micro)USB.
The pitch between the two pin headers is 1.6" and fits many larger breadboards.

The DevBoard



  • All I/O pins routed to pin headers.
  • 12MHz crystal oscillator.
  • Fully ESD-protected USB.
  • Power supply either externally or from USB. Routed via 0.5A Schottky to 0.5A 3.3V LDO. TVS protection on the 3.3V line.
  • Precision 2.048V voltage reference can be connected via jumper, when disconnected, external voltage reference can be applied.
  • Reset button and erase jumper.
  • Full 20-pin JTAG header for connecting programmers like SAM-ICE.


Schematic and board

You can download Eagle schematic and board from my Google Drive. The board can be ordered from OSH Park for something under 20 USD per three boards.

Complete schematic of the development board

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