Resistor blackjack – the ultimate party game for nerds

Resistor blackjack is like regular blackjack but better! Your goal is to assemble a single resistance from several resistors that is as close to 21k while not being over.
Unlike regular blackjack, the resistors can be combined in series and in parallel, giving the game a whole new dimension. Plus, resistors have tolerances so achieving a mathematical 21k doesn't guarantee a win.

The deck

The deck resembles card deck except for the ace which has to be a fixed 11k.
For 4 players, you will need the following values:
2× 2k2
2× 3k3
2× 4k7
2× 5k6
2× 6k8
2× 7k5
2× 8k2
2× 9k1
8× 10k
2× 11k
Put all the resistors in a box and shuffle.

Player's equipment

Each player should be given an empty breadboard, resistor color code chart (maybe, if you want to be nice) and access to jumper wires.
Decide whether to allow calculators. Computing reciprocal values when resistors are combined in parallel can be tedious.

Dealer's equipment

Box with the deck.
Ohmmeter (multimeter).
Another box with: 5× 100k, 5×330k, 5×470k. 
A separate larger breadboard as the scoreboard.


Start the round by giving each player two random resistors. During the round, each player can ask for up to 4 more resistors (total of 6) but they have to use all of them and assemble them so they form a single resistance. Shorting a resistor is not allowed.

At the end of the round, dealer measures each player's assembled resistance. Who is the closest to 21k without being over wins and draws one resistor from the second box. The resistors which players win are connected in series on a separate breadboard (scoreboard) and who is the first to have over one million ohms wins the entire game!

Rule extension: 20k trimmer.

Before a round begins, dealer can ask a trivia question. The player who has a correct answer (is first or is the closest if the answer is a number) is given a 20k trimmer which he/she can but does not have to use in the following round. The trimmer is returned to the dealer after the round ends.