MightyWatt R3 Resource Page

This page contains the most up-to-date resources for MightyWatt R3. 


If you are looking for resources for versions 2 to 2.5, click here.


Resources on GitHub.

Latest release and factory calibrations also available on Google Drive.


Please, contact me if you found a bug or have a software request.

Latest hardware revision: 3.1.0

Latest sketch (firmware) version: 3.1.7 (3.1.0 calibration)

Latest Windows control program version:

Application notes

Contains guides and ideas on how to extend the use of MightyWatt R3.

Arduino firmware

Main (firmware): This is the program that runs in Arduino. It is compatible with Arduino Uno and Zero (M0/M0 Pro) board.
Calibration sketch: Use this for manual calibration of MightyWatt R3 together with calibration aid. See the Detailed guide on how to perform calibration.

Calibration aid

Excel spreadsheet: Calculates the calibration values from values obtained using the Calibration sketch. Replace default values in Configuration.h of the main firmware.


This folder contains factory calibration files for units sold through Tindie.


SVG drawing: Contains drawings of the layers. See the folder readme for the number of layers needed.


Detailed guide: All you need to know for calibrating and running MightyWatt R3.
Case assembly instructions: If you have the original acrylic layered case for MightyWatt R3 for Arduino Uno or Arduino Zero (M0/M0 Pro), these are the instructions on how to assemble it.
Communication protocol description: If you wish to use your own PC-side control program with the original firmware, this guide has information about the communication protocol which is used by MightyWatt R3.
Booster pack guide: A guide for the official Booster pack accessory. Increases the maximum power dissipation with a power resistor.

Schematic and BOM

Eagle source files for the PCB of MightyWatt R3.
PDF schematic also included for a quick reference without having to install Eagle.
PDF Bill of Materials.

Windows control program 

Complete C# project: A PC-side program that controls MightyWatt R3. Program has manual control, advanced measurement programs, data logging, graphs and statistics. The executable is located in C#/bin/Release/MightyWatt.exe

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  1. Can it be used safely as a laser diode driver in constant current mode? The doide needs less than 2V at currents upto 15A. Slow ramp up and ramp down needed - and NO TRANSIENTS. Input supply will be 5VDC. Thanks in advance.